Berthold Bauer's main goals are to provide an unparalleled level of service, to ensure full compliance with HM Revenue & Customs regulations whilst maximising our customer returns, and to build long term client relationships based on a mutual respect and confidence with the service we deliver.

Unusually in the industry, we do not charge for informal advice and accept enquiries from both clients and non-clients alike. This encourages prudent pre-emptive planning, as opposed to the common expectation or fear of incurring excessive consultancy fees for asking relatively straight-forward questions.

All clients are allocated fully trained consultants who will deal with all matters relating to the services you require. Our staff are all office based, ensuring more than one advisor is familiar with the project or audit in-hand. This safety-net ethos is beneficial for our business as well, as knowledge is transferred between our own consultants and there are always second opinions available to assist with full accuracy.

We have built a successful business on this model and continue to collectively save our clients millions of pounds each and every year.


Our role is very straightforward - to simplify, demystify and provide concise solutions to your financial & VAT needs. Whilst we instigate a pro-active approach for our clients, we are always prepared to help non-clients unravel situations they may find themselves in.

Simon Merry<br>

Simon Merry
Founder & Director

Mike Williams<br>

Mike Williams
Head of NHS Services

Rosie Kelly<br>

Rosie Kelly
Head of Private Clients

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