Outsourcing Professional VAT Services

The Financial industry is being affected by increasing staff salaries and talent shortages.The industry now needs to act on achieving profitable and scalable ways of keeping their talent bank resourced without the huge salary outlays.

With the increases in the bank base rates, inflation, & energy, many businesses will be looking for areas where costs can be cut and still maintain exceptional professional services.

Berthold Bauer is one of the United Kingdom’s leading providers of proactive Value Added Tax (VAT) advice and mitigation to the following:

Architects, Accountants, Chartered Surveyors, Construction Companies, Project Management Companies, Charities.

Our role is very straightforward – to simplify, demystify and provide concise solutions to your clients VAT needs. Whilst we instigate a pro-active approach for our clients, we are always prepared to help non-clients unravel situations they may find themselves in.

We provide a wide spectrum of services that include:

  • Pro-active VAT & Mitigation;
  • VAT recovery services for partially exempt organisations;
  • VAT advice for residential construction projects – owners & developers;
  • VAT advice for Commercial / Government building projects;
  • In-depth analysis to identify overpayments to suppliers; and
  • Overpayment reviews of historic utilities & telecoms expenditure

By introducing additional support for your VAT Advisory & Audit work we can help your firm face the brunt of resource crunch and stagflation in a swift and cost-effective manner.  It will also allow you to take on more work in specialist areas without having to resource by recruitment.


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