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Budget 2016 – Key Points

by Berthold Bauer on March 17, 2016

Budget 2016

The budget announcements often have an impact on the NHS, so we aim to promptly summarise the main impact to your organisations.  This year – the key points are as follows:

  • The government are looking for £3.5billion savings per year in public spending until 2019-20.  No further details were formally announced.


The NHS are likely to have reduced budgets and increased saving targets.

  • The public sector will have an obligation to ensure employees are accounting for income tax correctly.


The NHS will have increased obligations in ensuring the people employed (i.e. self-employed consultants) are correctly accounting for VAT.  Possibility that direct employment will be simpler alternative?

  • 1st Air Ambulance Service will be introduced in Northern Ireland.


Likely improved health services in this area, and less strain on surrounding areas normally supporting this region.

  • More funding to be provided for children’s services to be provided to the NHS


As above, increased funding for children’s services in areas including Manchester, Southampton and Birmingham.

  • Introduction of a sugar tax in 2 years


Likely reduction of expenditure on obesity related health issues.


If you have any questions – or would like any advice on the specific points raise in the budget – please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Berthold BauerBudget 2016 – Key Points

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