In industries like the Public Sector, where pricing is complicated and transactions are numerous, some overpayments are inevitable.

Overpayment and Financial Recovery Reviews

Our recovery audit services take client transaction data, transforms it for analysis, identifies errors, and works with the suppliers to recover overpayments. Clients also receive the root cause examination from us to help prevent future occurrences. Berthold Bauer reviews almost everything: accounts payable, lease and property payments, capital expenditure, supplier discounts, telecoms and utilities, employee expenses AND exceptionally in-depth cross-over VAT-Tax accounts.

Berthold Bauer has been growing in reputation in this sector and have recently been awarded to the NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) Commercial Procurement Solutions ( framework for ‘Audit and Reconciliation Services’. This recognition ensures clients are procuring tested and quality services and can negate the requirement to undertake a formal tender process.


Specific areas where savings and recovery can be established include:

  • Double payments
  • Incorrect payments
  • Unclaimed credits
  • Overpaid contractual obligations
  • Overpaid utilities
  • Unclaimed prompt payment discounts
  • Pricing anomalies
  • Incorrectly billed/metered utilities

If you would like to know more about how we can help with your financial savings, please email us at

Berthold Bauer has also been awarded to the NHS Commercial Alliance (East of England Collaborative Procurement Hub) Framework for financial recovery services (

As the only supplier to be awarded to all lots (including the Financial Analysis & Reconciliation – Managed Service), this award allows us to freely work with a large number of NHS bodies to deliver end benefits and savings.


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