OLIVER, Architect & Private Client

by Berthold Bauer on November 19, 2018

“As architects we have often recommended Berthold Bauer to clients and stressed the benefits expert VAT advice at the earliest possible juncture in any building development venture. Recently we completed our own development and experienced at close quarters the service that BB provide.

Our feeling that VAT consultants should be one of the first ports of call post-feasibility study has strengthened as a result of this project and the conviction that BB have the skills and capacity to perform this role is strengthened further by going through the process with BB in detail.

In a profession where we often have to chase consultants, BB were a breath of fresh air. BB were proactive, could speak about complex VAT issues in straightforward terms, and provided a seamless and valuable service for us.

We continue to happily recommend BB to any party, that is considering a development with VAT implications.”

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Berthold BauerOLIVER, Architect & Private Client