XAVIER, Private Client

by Berthold Bauer on June 13, 2015

“18 months ago, I found out that I had overpaid tax by £35k on building works, which was actually qualifying for a much lower rate than the 17.5% I had paid for. I reached out to my architect who recommended Berthold Bauer. I had a choice between paying BB by the hour or as an X% commission only on the recovered amount. I chose the success based fee on the basis that it would provide the best incentives for BB to work hardest on the case.

18 months on and after a lot of hard work by BB (with very little involvement from myself, which was great!), the case was won in principle and £26k of the £35k has been recovered at this point. I was most impressed throughout the process by the professionalism, determination and responsiveness of the team at BB and am obviously very happy with the outcome. This goes to show that the success fee structure does work as a great incentive. What more, they only issued a bill for the money actually recovered to date as opposed to the full amount agreed upon by HMRC.

Based on my experience of dealing with them, I highly recommend the team at BB, who were also a pleasure to deal with. It is not often that one encounters such excellent and friendly professionals.”

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Berthold BauerXAVIER, Private Client