Berthold Bauer has built up many years of experience with advising and assisting private providers of healthcare.

VAT is often a significant burden to private Healthcare Providers that undertake activities which are exempt from VAT.

Whilst VAT does not to be charged on certain services, VAT incurred on costs cannot always be recovered, so becomes a cost to the business.
However, not all activities undertaken by private Healthcare Providers are exempt from VAT, and where income from non-exempt activities surpasses the VAT registration threshold there are VAT registration requirements.

Further, HMRC are currently focussing on the VAT registration status of private Healthcare Providers such as cosmetic clinics, and there have been a number of high profile VAT cases which have been decided in HMRC’s favour, requiring clinics to VAT register and charge VAT on certain procedures.

How can BBVAT Help?

Private Healthcare Providers are by nature, risk averse.
We can provide support to your finance team to ensure that your organisation understands, and is complying with its VAT obligations:

VAT Health Check


Our popular VAT health check will give you peace of mind, identifying areas of risk and opportunity to make VAT savings.

We will review your activities and give a view as to whether the VAT treatment adopted is at risk of challenge by HMRC. Where we consider errors have been made, we will give you recommendations on how to correct the position, and the criticality of doing so.

Further, our health checks are bespoke to your organisation and identify opportunities to make VAT savings.

VAT Registration Review


We can undertake a review of your VATable income to understand whether the VAT registration threshold will be, or has been breached. We will state what, if any actions are required to be taken to correct the position, and whether there is likely to be other consequences (penalties and or interest, for example).

Contact us for a free, no obligation quote for a health check or registration review.

Use our FREE VAT helpline


Please use our VAT helpline for any burning VAT questions. Our VAT helpline is completely free.

The helpline provides for 30 minutes of technical support and advice on any VAT issue, and including email or call and follow up response for your file.

If you have a query or would like our help, you can call us on 01732 868266, email us at, fill out the form below or submit an enquiry on our website here.


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