With property & construction, VAT is rarely 'open to interpretation' or indeed 'full of grey areas'. In our opinion the Customs guidance is clear and defined - and where doubt did exist there is in all likelihood a past Tribunal Case that has set the record straight.

Our role is actually very straightforward

  1. Provide absolute certainty as to the VAT due
  2. Provide evidence and the necessary documentation to satisfy the most detailed of HMRC scrutiny
  3. Maximise the VAT savings a client is entitled to

Unlike most general Accountants; we have the knowledge and expertise of construction related terminology to identify additional specific areas where reduced VAT charges may be applicable. VAT is a complex tax and not all VAT savings are blatantly obvious…

Lastly, in construction, VAT mitigation is not about ‘loopholes’ or the nuances between VAT evasion and VAT avoidance. The relief for empty buildings was purposely created to encourage the regeneration of abandoned properties, the relief for change of use was intended to encourage re-use of outdated housing stock and the DIY Refund is to prevent owner-developers suffering VAT that developers can ordinarily reclaim.

Therefore, who you are or what vehicle you may have created to purchase a property is irrelevant – VAT relief is based upon the type of building, the nature of the work and the intended use of the property. Not as exciting as creating offshore tax havens and strange accounting procedures, but beneficial never the less.


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