It is crucial that we can demonstrate value for money, preferably in a manner that makes our service self-financing - the most obvious being to find more in VAT savings than the fee we charge.

That said, it may be that we can resolve your query or concern free of charge – as the initial advice we provide on our helpline is provided wholly without charge.

‘Self funding’ Contingency fee
The majority of our clients are high net worth individuals or businesses who place emphasis on their time and accordingly do not wish to become embroiled in the detail of a VAT audit.

Levying a percentage of physical VAT savings transfers the risk of abortive audits to us whilst providing an incentive to explore every single avenue – however small or remote.

Hourly charge
Normally chosen where the Client and Contractor are happy to negotiate between them as to the VAT that needs to be charged – but require guidance as to the rules that must be followed and the basic procedures that need to be implemented.

Fixed fee
This goes some way in satisfying client’s concerns as to open-ended hourly charges. Normally the extent of the remit is determined and a price provided to complete said remit. The route is a half-way house between hourly guidance and a Contingency based Forensic Analysis.

What we do cannot be seen as a ‘product’ or an ‘off the shelf’ service; please call us for a bespoke quotation to match your particular needs.


You can contact our Free VAT Helpline 24 hours a day using the online form or email

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